Cleaning Fingerprints in the Office

Cleaning Glass

The need for cleaning fingerprints is a common complaint for businesses, and for good reason. Small as they are, greasy fingerprints detract from the clean, sparkling environment and professional image you want your company to project. Besides leaving unsightly smudges, hands carry germs, many of which can live for hours or days after transferring to a surface. Banish the dreaded fingerprints with these simple tips and tricks.

Removing Fingerprints from Glass, Chrome, and Stainless Surfaces

Skin oils make fingerprints a challenge to remove from many surfaces, but glass and metal are the most difficult. Doors, room dividers, and display cases are especially problematic in the business setting, as they often combine glass and metal surfaces and are subject to high traffic situations. The best all-purpose method of removing these troublesome fingerprints is a soft, lint-free cloth dipped in a 3:1 solution of bottled water and white vinegar. Wipe down, then lightly buff with a dry cloth. If any fingerprints remain, reapply the vinegar solution.

Prints on Wood and Painted Surfaces

Wood and painted surfaces can be a little more tricky to clean, based on the type of finish. Gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and eggshell paint finishes are usually cleanable, but it’s always best to test a small patch in a less noticeable location. Use a mild all-purpose cleaner sprayed onto a clean cloth (never spray cleaning products directly onto painted surfaces) and lightly wipe away the prints. If wood surfaces are sealed, clean fingerprints using the same method. For unfinished wood surfaces, buff prints away using furniture polish and a soft, lint-free cloth. For drawer pulls and cabinet handles, clean with a vinegar and water solution or, if a stubborn build-up is present, clean gently with a soft toothbrush dipped in water and baking soda.

How to Prevent Fingerprints

Fingerprints are difficult, perhaps impossible, to avoid completely. There are some tricks for minimizing them, at least in some cases. The Rain-X line of products, applied according to manufacturer’s instructions, will help repel skin oils on glass and wood surfaces. Apply a thin coating of light cooking oil to stainless steel, then lightly buffing with a soft cloth, will help repel fingerprints. For horizontal glass surfaces, use display case pads in high traffic areas. Finally, install door handles and drawer pulls with integrated fingerprint guards.

There is one surefire way to ensure you never have to worry about fingerprints again: hire a reputable commercial cleaning service. Cleaning glass surfaces, doors, and other areas prone to fingerprints can be included in your daily, weekly or custom service. If your business is located in Utah or Arizona, let Town & Country Office Cleaning handle all of your commercial cleaning needs. One call to Town & Country and you’ll never have to worry about cleaning fingerprints in the office again.

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