Choosing Trash Cans and Receptacles for Your Business

Trash Cans

You may not give much thought to trash cans, but they are an important part of keeping your office or facility clean and looking good. Choosing bins that are easy to spot and easy to use will encourage employees and visitors to place their discarded items in the trash cans. Placement of receptacles is also important. Finally, carefully consider the material your receptacles are made of, as this will determine the cost of your investment and how often they must be replaced.

Deskside Trash Receptacles

For those bins placed at each employee workstation, consider the volume of trash your employees generate each day. Cans that overflow and spill onto the floor create a disorganized appearance, but can also be a health and safety hazard. Heavy refuse can cause inexpensive plastic receptacles to crack and break, requiring frequent replacement. Although placing trash cans under desks or other concealed locations may seem like a good idea, users can miss the bin this way. If food wrappers or other bio trash accumulates on the floor, this can lead to foul odors, germ growth and the attraction of unwanted pests.

Kitchen and Restroom Trash Cans

In the office kitchen, experts recommend using a sturdy plastic or metal trash can with a foot-activated lid. This prevents the spread of germs by minimizing hand contact. Ensure that the receptacle has a tightly sealed lid, ideally with a rubber gasket. This will most effectively control odors and prevent pest infestation. In your facility’s restrooms, ensure you select containers of sufficient size. Lidded containers are also important here, both for improved appearance and sanitation. Experts advise against swing-top receptacles, as germs are easily spread by touching the lids. Select a high-quality, foot-activated lid to ensure long-lasting performance. Choose a material that discourages germ growth and that can be sanitized with each cleaning.

Outdoor Trash Containers

This critical component of trash containment is often overlooked by business owners and facility managers. Selecting the right trash cans for your parking lot and exterior areas, along with proper placement, will ensure a professional appearance. Place a large container in a visible location near the front door and one in each common area outside. If you have a large parking lot, consider adding containers in landscaping islands or other centralized areas to avoid an accumulation of trash on the ground.

Remember that your office trash receptacles are only as effective as the liners you use and the frequency with which they are emptied. Town and Country Office Cleaning understands the importance of can liners for containing garbage and preventing the spread of germs and odors. They can also help you select the appropriate trash cans for each area of your facility.

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