Broken Glass: Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping You Safe

You’ve probably heard the myths about broken glass: from seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror, to stomping on glass in Jewish weddings. 

Good or bad, when it comes to shards, please prioritize safety and clean it up carefully. Stay tuned to learn the safest ways to dispose of it. 

Safest Ways to Dispose of Broken Glass

Step 1: Wrap it up: Many people make the mistake of throwing shards into their garbage can after sweeping. However, we recommend using a cloth to handle glass piles safely. Secure it with tape to prevent pieces from falling out. Avoid using a newspaper to pick up shards because they can poke through it and cut your hands. 

Step 2: Break-up larger pieces: Once you complete the first step, you can break the shards into smaller bits using a hammer for easier handling. When you finish, inspect your surroundings to ensure that tiny shards aren’t scattered on the floor. 

Step 3: Place wrapped glass in a box: Put your wrapped shards inside a box with a lid. Secure it with adhesive tape and label it to indicate that there are shards inside. If your box is too big, stuff it with extra cloths to keep the shards secure so that it’s safe to handle. 

Once you follow these steps, you can dispose of your box into your garbage bin. Read on to learn about the types of shattered glass. 

Types of Shattered Glass

Broken light bulbs: Throwing out shattered light bulbs isn’t as easy as merely sweeping them up. Compact fluorescent bulbs consist of hazardous materials that require professional handling. If an energy-efficient bulb bursts inside your home or office, everyone in the building needs to evacuate immediately to avoid exposure to toxic gases. Contact your local waste drop-off facility so that they can handle the fragments safely. 

Shattered Fine China: When it comes to your expensive wine glasses and plates, you can’t repair them if they fall. You can’t recycle these types of glass because they have different chemical compositions and melting points, so it’s safer to discard them using our above advice. 

Mirror fragments: Bigger glass fragments, such as those from mirrors, require cautious handling; their sharp, jagged edges can harm sanitation collectors if you don’t dispose of them properly. Follow our glass disposal guidelines before chucking them out. 

Why Can’t I Just Recycle It?

As mentioned above, recycling glass fragments is hazardous because of their unique composition. What can you do with window, light bulb, and wine glass? Although you can’t toss them into your blue bin, you can give them a second life by upcycling them. 

Upcycling involves taking your shards and repurposing them into décor. Turn your trash to treasure by creating a DIY backyard chandelier or mosaic photo frame from broken Fine China. 

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