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Proper janitorial services are a must for a number of facilities—and it goes beyond a routine mopping. You need safe, eco-friendly OSHA-approved cleaning products used and the highest quality tools and machines to get the job done. That’s where Town & Country Office Cleaning make a difference. With cleaning crews completely licensed, bonded and ready to serve all your janitorial needs, look no further for the best local janitorial team. We embrace industry best practices, consistency and prime customer service. 

Whether you prefer daily, weekly or monthly services is up to you. Town & Country offers standard packages that feature the most requested services. However, you’re welcome to personalize your own janitorial package, too. Need more focus on the restrooms or breakrooms? How about routine floor buffing and waxing? We do it all—and do it well.

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Get a Deep Clean with Janitorial ServicesSalt Lake City

It’s not enough for a space to look clean. It needs to truly be clean, and that requires ongoing sanitation. That means comprehensively swept hard floors, which are then sanitized with a treated mop to get rid of every last piece of debris or grit. Spills, dirt, tar and even grease are completely removed. If you need some organization on top of it, the Town & Country Office Cleaning team are pros at arranging chairs, desks and tables to meet your needs. You and everyone in the facility can start each morning with a truly clean slate.

We’ll take care of all trash, leaving you with fresh containers which are sanitized and ready for usage. If there are drinking fountains in your facility, rest assured that this germ hub is completely sanitized with OSHA-cleaners, disinfected and polished to the highest standards, and that hard water is removed. Sharing germs is inevitable, but can be drastically reduced with quality janitorial services. And we offer complete green cleaning options as well.

Salt Lake City’s Janitorial Service ExpertsSalt Lake City

Town & Country Office Cleaning always pay close attention to area often missed by less fastidious cleaners, like corners, edges, doorknobs and light switches to maximize sanitation. Baseboards, ceramic or vinyl base coverings are also taken care of. We ensure that everyone on our team is trained in the latest technical best practices for breakroom sanitation and we offer MSDS sheets so you rest easy knowing we have OSHA compliance taken care of.

Lunchroom tables are disinfected, chairs are disinfected before being stacked and appliances are sanitized and polished. We’ll take care of re-loading paper towel dispensers with the client’s products, and we promise that restrooms will be thoroughly cleansed with OSHA-only sanitizers, disinfectants and germicidals. We even offer free sanitation stations with discounted disinfecting liquid to our clients. From fixtures like toilets, urinals and partitions to countertops, backsplashes and ventilation systems, we never miss a spot—and neither will you with Town & Country on your side.

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